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-GROUP Relationship & Marriage improvement virtual & life master-classes
-Couples coaching and counselling support
-Non – toxic separation and divorce
-Bringing God into your marriage
-Living as happy single
-Improving parents-in- law relationship
-Living with positive attitude and mindset


Dear Friends


Our relationships and marriages influence our health, happiness, and well-being. It is therefore important to equip couples with profound knowledge strategies and skills they can use to build healthy relationships and marriages

At Healthy Living Services Nig Ltd we look at the root causes of life, relationship, and marriage challenges.

If you are going through challenges in your life, relationship, and marriage and you are ready to find the solution then start appreciating God that he has provided you a solution.

We will provide you with profound knowledge strategies skills you can use on a consistent and continuous basis to tap into your innate resources to resolve your challenges.

We will empower you to find solutions but we must bear in mind that not all marriages will work.

There are some cases where a separation may help rebuild the marriage and we will work with you and your spouse to go through a non-toxic non-combative separation to avoid any detrimental effects on the children of the marriage.

We do not encourage spouses to get sick for the sake of remaining married.

The right thing to do is to seek help from knowledgeable coaches who are affordable before deciding on a separation.

If you are single or married and just want to improve your life and relationships by learning relationship skills we can also work with you.

We are very passionate about helping young people live their best lives so our fees are affordable

All we need is for you to be determined and committed to working on finding solutions that often lie inside you.

I am happily married to the love of my life with Five amazing children, their spouses, and 13 adorable grandchildren.

I have been married for 46 years with ups and downs of life lessons, growth, and victories by God’s grace.

GROUP Relationship & Marriage improvement virtual & life master-classes & Q&A interactive sessions

Singles /Couples coaching and counseling support.

Non-toxic separation and divorce coaching.

Bringing God into your marriage

Living as a happy single

Improving parents-in- law relationship

Living with a positive attitude and mindset

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