Dr Ifeyinwa Nwakwesi MBBS

Integrative Health & lifestyle specialist

The phenomenal woman

CEO Healthy Living services Nig Ltd

CEO Proposed Integrative lifestyle institute

Executive chair WAG

Executive chair EDCDI


Today Nigeria is celebrating her 63rd independence.

We give God gratitude for keeping us together inspite of our numerous life and societal challenges.

Age is supposed to come with wisdom and empowering choices but in case of our nation we are still learning to run from walking .

The issue is that life comes with its Challenges but the real challenge is the inability to look for solutions and use them to work on consistent improvement to arrive at our God ordained destiny .

I am an integrative lifestyle specialist and we look at the root causes of life challenges and endeavor to address the root causes so we can become the Giant of Africa ordained by God for us

I am the CEO of Healthy living services , a health enhancement and integrative Health & Lifestyle company the initiator of the proposed HlS-Integrative lifestyle institute the Executive chair of Women Aligned For Growth , a character rebuilding , social change and impact female NGO and Executive chair of Enugwu-ukwu Daughters Community development initiative. These organizations are focused on encouraging people to adopt the integrative lifestyle continuously and consistently improving all aspects of their lives so we can all be more passionate and impactful people collaborating with a credible performance- driven leadership to jointly salvage our nation from colapse .

I will attempt in this series of writings to point out some of the root causes of our lives and societal challenges and also proffer sustainable solutions. These solutions will be easily achieved if by Gods grace our present leadership commits to a change in course and appreciate the important impact Integrative lifestyle and personal development will have on the quality of our citizens and leadership.

One thing that is clear is that human beings are not random creatures .

God has blessed human beings with the gift of the power of decisions and choices .

Our beliefs, thoughts, feelings , words , decisions and actions are great influencers of the outcome of our lives .

My focus in this series of write ups is to outline some of the common mistakes we make as human beings that may be causing us a lot of harm and preventing some us from getting to our God – ordained destinies

This piece will focus on the root causes of our poor leadership.

As a nation, we do not pay attention to the character of the people we vote into leadership.

Many of us are interested in our personal gain and also base our decisions on tribal and religious sentiments.

Many people are not living principle- centered lives of inner contentment, gratitude, compassion, empathy, passion and impact so our decisions are based on what is in it for me .

We are focused on building our family wealth and we are not concerned about the suffering masses.


Leadership has qualities and attributes .

For anyone to succeed in any endeavour in life you need to prepare adequately and learn the skills to effectively perform the job .

The challenge with our poor leadership is that many of our politicians may have obtained one formal degree or the other but did not do any leadership training to acquire the skills of leadership .

The fact that one acquired formal education does not automatically make the person become a good leader.

A leader needs to acquire the skills of leadership and develop the qualities of leadership.

We must realize that we are all leaders in our different spheres of lives.


A good leader must build his spiritual life.

He must acquire the fruits of the spirit and principle- centered values of inner peace, contentment, gratitude happiness, empathy, love, kindness, affection. and humility .

A good leader will not be stealing public funds to fill the inner gap which lack of spirituality causes.

Leaders must learn how to be positively programmed and live mostly in positive mindset.

If the leader is not in a happy place in his or her inner being he would always be in an agitated mode and will not be empathetic to others.

Leaders should be readers especially reading the Bible Quoran and personal development books which provide profound knowledge, strategies and skills that can help them work on their weak areas and turn them into strengths

Leadership is about service and being passionate about changing lives.

One of the important decisions any good leader will make is to encourage the citizens to adopt GROWTH MINDSET AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – THE INTEGRATIVE LIFESTYLE and lead by example showing them how to work on becoming the best versions of themselves so they can tap into their innate resources to actualize their greatest potentials .

A good leader will be humble to engage and learn from brilliant , talented people who can help him turn the economy around and put policies in place that can create wealth.

Honesty and integrity will be the watch word of good leaders.

He or she should be passionate about conflict resolution as conflicts destroy the foundation of any society.

He should not be hungry for power at any cost and will not encourage rigging and violence during election.

He will punish people when they commit a crime not minding status of the persons concerned.

He would include integrative care , and life style medicine in our health care system so we can prevent many people suffering from chronic diseases and dying untimely.,

These are some of the qualities a good leader will have in order to make significant impact in our society and help change our Narrative.

It is often said that a society gets the leadership it deserves .

Many of our citizens are poor and hungry so they are more interested in the short term pleasure of taking care of their stomachs.

They accept money to vote in poor leaders and after that suffer the long term pain of poor leadership .

The elites of this society have the capacity to improve the quality of lives of Nigerians and work together with the youths to put in place more credible leadership.

This requires commitment, passion and strategy to pool funds that can be used to carry out impact projects, skills acquisition for our women and youths, engage in Agro – based projects that can provide jobs and help our women and youths erk some living .

The funds can also be used to train our youths on Personal development to help them prepare adequately for life .

The elites can also pool resources together to support the election of capable men , women and youths that have leadership qualities that can help change the Nigerian story especially in future elections

We need empathetic, passionate, determined elites who are not just focusing on their needs and that of their families but are concerned about how they can impact the lives of millions of poor Nigerians .


We have many talented, creative and resourceful men women and youths in Nigeria who can jointly put their expertise to use to change our Narrative but they may not have God fathers to give them the opportunity.

Nigeria is blessed . Let us stop wasting our resources and allowing people die from unavoidable causes .

On this 63rd anniversary may we all increase the calibers of who we are and for the love of our society , showing compassion on millions of suffering masses let’s move away from personal, tribal and religious sentiments and support credible – performance and keeping pushing for a performance driven leadership so our country will regain its lost glory by God’s grace

In my next write up I will write on HOW WE CAN LIVE TRUE CHRISTIAN AND MOSLEM LIVES to help us improve our character for a better society .

Dr Ifeyinwa Nwakwesi

Integrative Health & Lifestyle specialist

CEO Healthy LIving services nig ltd

CEO Proposed Integrative lifestyle institute

Executive chair Women Aligned For Growth

Executive chair Enugwu- Ukwu Daughters Community Development Initiative

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