I am the third daughter of great parents Late Sir FGN & Late Dame Monica Okoye.

They brought me and my siblings up with praying habits and taught us principle-centered values of inner contentment, happiness, peace, kindness, love, humility, gratitude, honesty, transparency, integrity, compassion,

empathy, passion, and impact.

My father did not come from a rich home but he was determined to succeed in life and he built the FGN Okoye & Sons Ltd – a successful construction company in the former Eastern Nigeria.

He taught me and my siblings that a good name is better than money.

He also reminded me continuously that if you wanted to have financial freedom you needed to have goals and consistently pursue the goals.

My parents however did not teach me the strategies and skills of balancing all areas of my life so none of it suffers or causes any detrimental effects on my wellbeing.

I got married at the university, had my first child at the university, and my second child soon after graduating from medical school.

My husband was a civil servant and even though I was a practising medical doctor I had to do some business to support my husband in meeting the needs of our young family.

My business grew and I became the first woman to own crew supply vessels on contract with Exon Mobil.

Thanks to my friend’s husband Eng Obi Chikelue who helped facilitate the contract with our company.

I was a practicing medical doctor, a wife mother, and a businesswoman and still had time for church activities and social events.

I was multi-tasking but did not pay attention to my health.

My diet was mostly acidic cooked food of carbohydrates fat and meat protein.

I was not a fan of water-rich foods like vegetable and fruit juices and I hardly drank water.

This led to my blood pH becoming acidic. In acidic blood when you eat, the food is not oxidized for energy, it is fermented leading to gas, a bloated feeling in the abdomen, constipation, and sometimes irritable bowel syndrome.

I was a churchgoer but did not have a personal relationship with God so I was negatively programmed to live with a worrying mindset, depression, and unexplained anxiety.

I lost a lot of weight and was always lethargic and fatigued.

I sought conventional medical advice, medications were recommended but I did not improve.

I traveled to the UK to see an integrative health care practitioner and he examined me and said my blood was full of toxins coming from my unhealthy diet, lifestyle, and negative mindset.

He recommended some cleansing herbs and supplements and told me to go back to Nigeria and change my lifestyle.

He introduced me to the integrative modality of care which looks at ill- health in the context of the total social existence of the individual and at the root causes not the signs and symptoms.

I came back to Nigeria with a new awareness and enthusiasm to change my unhealthy habits to achieve vibrant health and renew my youth from within.

Once I included water-rich foods like vegetable and fruit juices in my diet improved my prayer life, reprogrammed my mindset from negative to positive, reduced my worrying habit, and drank alkaline mineralized water instead of acidic water I began to feel happier and more relaxed, and became more energetic.

I developed a voracious appetite for the bible, and personal development books and began living a principle- centered value-driven life of inner contentment happiness peace kindness love humility gratitude, honesty transparency integrity compassion empathy passion, and impact my life’s purpose began to evolve.

I just turned 70 this year. I feel and look good. My energy is much better than when I was younger.

I am very passionate about integrative lifestyle because it worked for me and it is working for so many others that commit to the lifestyle.

The quality of any society is a reflection of the quality of its citizens.

The leadership of this country should encourage Nigerians to invest in a growth mindset which is an integrative lifestyle.

The challenge is that many of us are used to quick-fix.

They do not have the determination and resilience to commit to this miracle lifestyle given to mankind by God to help people resolve their lives healthy relationships and marriage challenges. The lifestyle will also enable many people to believe, think decide in empowering ways for an empowering life – a life of good character patriotism, and integrity that are lacking in our society.

I pray that this book will inspire millions of people to live this lifestyle so they can work on living their best lives and become an asset to their families organizations and society.

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